Urii Orlov

“ Fight for the life ”



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urii orlov
“ Fight for the life ”


Urii Orlov lead an adventurous life, one that took him from being a hooligan roaming the streets to fighting to recover from a crippling disease that had him learning to walk again. Throughout his journey he experienced things that many people have only heard about.

Fight For The Life, is based on a true story of the events that happened to him. He faced danger, kept the company of criminals, pulled himself out of the gutter and into university where he completed his degree in Social Work.

about urii orlov

Urii Orlov grew up in the streets of Odessa where life was rough and times were hard. He learned at an early age to fight for what he needed and take what he could in order to survive. Odessa is run by gangs and mafia, offering starving young boys the promise of a full belly and money to burn... that’s exactly what Urii craved. He lived in one of the roughest areas in the city where being top dog meant being mean and ruthless. Violence and pain followed him until he left the criminal world behind and vowed to become a better person.


In the beginning of book, I explain reason I wrote this book in my words instead of polishing too much. I would like to add to same subject. I realize that I need show to people that we don’t need be perfect to do something amazing.

Society want us to be perfect at work, perfect in our personal relationships, be perfect wife or husband, father, mother etc. But by doing that we are only imitating each other, not be ourselves. Our values and life principles seems are based on society’s opinion. When we do that we stop being ourself, and become afraid to do the mistakes in eyes of others. Don’t do that….Be yourself, mistakes and all. It is good.

"If you have ever heard of the power of the mind but you don’t believe it, this character will make you reconsider". - Alex Dadaev


“ Fight for the Life ”

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A descendant of Russian aristocrats, Urii had to fight to live even before he was born. Existing in near poverty, he watched older boys in gangs living a life of luxury and power. He quickly learned how to use violence to get what he needed to survive. Feared by his classmates and the teachers, he ran wild until one day he met his match and his life was forever changed.

Urii met Oleg by chance at his Grandfather's funeral and they immediately hit it off. Oleg's father had been killed in a mafia hit when he was young, but they spared Oleg. A gangster's premonition comes true when Oleg grows up and seeks revenge for his father's death. Oleg became trapped in the circle of some of Russia's biggest crime lords, setting himself on a course that will find history repeating itself as he faces a death squad determined to kill him. Otherworld visions make him vow to turn his life around before it's too late, but will his vow to change his life, save him or will the Russian crime bosses get to him first



OMG, what did I just read?? A crazy, criminal life, power of the mind, Russian mafia, and a love story with a twist. A real page-turner! 


Madlen Grolle


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