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OMG, what did I just read?? A crazy, criminal life, power of the mind, Russian mafia, and a love story with a twist. A real page-turner! 


Madlen Grolle



Minh Nguyen



What an amazing love and life story! If you have been in the worst situation and thought you couldn’t overcome, you can feel and understand what our character experienced. He dares to live, love, pay a price and revive. Fight for the Life brings us the positive energy to refresh our mind, and then refresh our life.


If you have ever heard of the power of mind but you don’t believe it, the life of our character will make you reconsider. When he went to the end of the path and had no shoulder to rely on, the power of mind created mystery and made a change on his life. This is a message about the trust in our mind and how positive thinking may improve our life


Alex Dadaev


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