Urii Orlov grew up in Odesa, Ukraine where life was rough and times were harder. He learned at an early age to fight for what he needed and take what he could to survive.

about Urii Orlov

Urii Orlov lead an adventurous life, one that took him from being a hooligan roaming the streets to fighting to recover from a crippling disease that had him learning to walk again. Throughout his journey he experienced things that many people have only heard about.

Fight For The Life, is based on a true story of the events that happened to him. He faced danger, kept the company of criminals, pulled himself out of the gutter and into university where he completed his degree in Social Work.

His desire to help others led him to healthcare services where he began to experience life from a different perspective. He found himself in many unusual situations and began to feel an inner drive to share his adventures in order to give his readers an insight into how their mind can create or save them from disastrous situations. His positive attitude inspires hope and makes one believe in the possibility of dreams.

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